ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target
  • ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target
  • ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target
  • ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target
  • ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target
  • ST 24XL Crossbow Field Point Target

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now but we won't be able to ship it until it becomes available again.

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, simply return your target for a full refund, no questions asked.  Applicable on SpyderWeb Targets website purchases only.

Guaranteed Easy Arrow Removal It is so easy that a 3-year-old can retrieve an arrow or bolt shot from the fastest bows or crossbows on the market. 

Stunning Durability Spylar provides you with spectacular stopping power and remarkable target longevity.  SpyderWeb targets are designed to last for a lifetime of shooting.

Weather Resistant You can leave your target outdoors due to our corrugated plastic outer shell and the silk-screened ink images.

24” x 24" x 15”            62 Pounds        UPC # 899762001284

Made in USA

    How long will target last?  You will be amazed at how long it will last.  We have 1 recorded testing (ST 18 XL) and it withstood 55,000 shots and last 21 weeks under heavy shooting.  Other bag style targets lasted only a week. Because your target would be larger than the ST 18 XL, you should expect to outlast the ST 18 XL.

    Easy arrow removal?  Imagine having a 5 year old being able to retrieve your bolts from the fastest equipment on the market.  It is that easy.

    Will it stop your bolts?  Yes.  This will easily stop the fastest crossbows on the planet.  

    Can you leave it outside?  Yes. However, to best protect your investment, it is best to keep target a few inches off the ground and upright to prevent moisture from entering the target. If you are in a Sunny environment, a simple solution is to cover the target face up. 

    Will target fall over or move when shot?  No. Highly unusual it would fall over when shot because of its flat bottom and weight. We are not aware of any target being knocked over when shot.  

    How will images hold up outside?  Very well, because we Silk Screening the images, they last much longer than painted surfaces.  Covers will help images last longer. 

    Can you shoot practice broadhead blades? No, because of the woven nature of Spylar, we suggest you use field points only.

    What is so special about Spylar?  It's unique Self-healing nature allows for us to avoid having the inner fill of the target escape. Because of Spylar, we are able to more than the double the density of fill compared to bag designs. 

    Can you attach stand to frame?  Yes.  A 3/4" wood frame allows for you to easily attach a stand to target. 

    Can the target be repaired/rebuilt?  No. Not an easy or good fix. Because of the cost of the Spylar, how long it lasts and the difficulty of replacing the face effectively, we want to avoid providing you a solution that you will most likely not be happy with.  Therefore, we prefer not to take advantage of you and provide a solution that is not a good fix.

    What type of field points work best?  Any tip that has a flush relationship with the arrow shaft.  You will not need a special tip designed to stops arrows fast. 

    What is on the inside?  An unusual blend of ground up poly fill that will not break down. The density of the fill and the nature of it provide a fix to easy bolt removal and amazing stopping power

    Official Size Scoring Rings? Yes. Reduce your need for paper targets.  We have taken a replica of the 16 cm scoring rings from the National Field Archery Association paper targets.  


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