Spylar Replacement Facing 52
  • Spylar Replacement Facing 52
  • Woven Spylar Target Facing with Arrow
  • Woven Spylar Target Facing after Arrow Removed
  • Woven Spylar Target Facing with Arrow Hole Wiped Away

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Amazing Self Healing Spylar 

Tired of shooting your target face out every year? The complex weave of synthetic fibers spread apart when arrow penetrates, rather than tearing or scarring.  Expect a real eye-opener when you are able to literally wipe the hole away from a previously shot arrow.    

Increased Stopping Power

Bag style targets are limited in the amount of stuffing they can put into a target.  In other words, 20 lbs. in a 10 lb. bag.  That is due to the fact that when you shoot a hole into a bag, you have a hole and what is inside will eventually come out.  Spylar's self healing feature allows for what's inside to stay inside much longer.  Therefore we are able to put 40-50 lbs. of stuffing in a 10 lb. frame.  More material equates to more stopping power. Spylar is the key ingredient to target performance.  

  • Sold by the linear/running foot.
  • 52" Tall
  • Made in the USA

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